Liberals’ diabolical Tea Party strategy

Flattery is the new strategy of the Left for the Tea Party. Disingenuous flattery.

Chris Matthews recently went on record DEFENDING the Tea Party, and it just happened again, this time Donna Brazile doing the same thing, as you can see in this video:

Brazile said that the Tea Party has

“…provided enthusiasm, they’ve provided energy to the Republican Party.”

I smell a RAT!

At first I thought, “Holy cow! These people are finally getting it.” However now I believe it to be yet another Democrat ruse.

The Democrats want the Republicans to believe that the Democrats support the Tea Party, as they prepare a massive assault against the group they feign to compliment.

Think about what the Viet Cong did in Vietnam, but instead of “The Tet Offensive,” Democrats have launched, “The Tea Offensive.”

Why are these Leftist politicos warning Republicans about the Tea Party? The Tea Party is not just right for the Republicans, it’s even more right for Democrats.

The positioning is subtle.

The Left has said that the Tea Party is owned by Republicans. However after the win over Cantor by Dave Brat, that narrative was weakened, if not outright killed. This new message of the Left keeps “ownership” of the Tea Party with the Republicans, so the Left can appear to have been right about the Tea Party being co-opted by the Republicans.

So then it’s fair for the Democrats to proclaim that the Republicans are in need of the overhaul.

The Democrats don’t think the Tea Party has the ability to do anything more than be the skunk at the picnic, which is why they pretend not to listen to Tea Party members. The Left listens to the Tea Party, because they fear the Tea Party. The Left cannot under any circumstance acknowledge that the Tea Party is right in its mission to represent ordinary taxpaying American citizens.

So the new Democrat strategy is to act like they respect that the Tea Party is fixing what’s wrong with the Republicans. Implications: The Democrats don’t need fixing, and thus don’t need the annoyance of the Tea Party.

The Left hopes that the Tea Party will fall for this, and want us to believe that that the media and other Leftists will be kind to us…The McCain Gambit.

Fools like John McCain fell for that nonsense. The media and the rest of the Left pretended that they would be accommodating to McCain, prior to his selection as the Republican nominee, and then they took the wheels off his wagon.

The Tea Party has a problem, as it still needs an overarching strategy in order to win lots more battles like Brat v. Cantor, and ultimately the war. What the Left hopes is that the Republicans will continue to fight with the Tea Party, and forget that the Left’s base is eroding quicker that Matt Lauer’s hairline.

Thankfully my team is not fooled. We will continue to focus on the crowd, the community. Youth and minorities are our target, and when we win them, we will be more powerful than the emperor.


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