Lose your job over THIS!! Seriously?

Conservatives have been saying for some time that there are thought police, and this case is about as wacky as it gets.

Some may agree with the punishment of Donald Sterling, even though his conversations were private. However what happened to this guy takes the cake.

An EMS operator, John Ruckh was heard on the 911 tape saying that Oprah, a friend of Angelou’s had “fallen out of grace” after a controversial interview in which Oprah expressed her thoughts about race in America.

For this he was fired from his job!

Can you believe this nonsense? Oprah Winfrey is not royalty, and even if she were, Ruckh should be able to say what he wants.

As he told the Winston-Salem Journal

“This is in no way a racial slur, slander, associated conversation … I really hate that this happened at the time that it did, because this is taking away from Maya Angelou’s passing.”

Maya Whogelou? Nice lady, but again, she’s just a nice lady. Sorry for your loss, Angelou family, but there was no hoopla in America when my grandmother died, and I rank her HIGH about Oprah and Maya Angelou.

But if this isn’t bad enough, EMS Director Dan Ozimek gave a statement to ET, saying,

“These comments are unacceptable and we have opened an internal investigation to look into the circumstances surrounding this event.”

WFH?! What’s unacceptable. An EMS dispatcher using his MOUTH.

This is the level of ridiculous we are at in this country. I’d like to help this man get his job back. Stay tuned!

In case you are wondering how far PC goes, check out this video!

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