Mandatory Minimum Wage getting droned

Watching the video below about an aerial drone being used to take drinks to hotel patrons, and it made me think of mandatory minimum wage, and capitalism.

I love capitalists, as capitalists capitalize! They figure out a way around stupid ideas. We are problem-solvers.


The drone that delivers drinks can also deliver parcels, which should send shockwaves through the USPS.

But it doesn’t end there.

I will credit Leftists for stirring our imaginations and keeping us capitalists innovating. Because of Leftist communists, we have things like ATMs. Thank God for the ATM. The ability to get my hard-earned greenbacks almost anywhere in the world! Remember how difficult it was to get money, having to find your bank, wait in line and so on.

Now you can even bank on your smartphone. How many people use their phones to purchase with an QR code. I now buy my coffee that way from time to time.

McDonald’s and other fast food chains are looking for ways to cut out employees altogether. Why pay somebody the mandatory $30,000 a year in Seattle to cook hamburgers, when you can automate.


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