Canadian politics: Crack heads and Porn stars

Just when you think politics couldn’t get any juicier in Canada, you get this news. Thank you Rob Ford for just being you. Because if it were not for Ford’s antics, that crackhead mayor would not have a challenger in his next mayoral race, and she wouldn’t have a resume that looks like she was interviewing as Bill Clinton’s intern.

Nikki Benz is a former porn star, though I say, “Once a porn star, always a porn star…unless you enter politics. Then you are just a prostitute.” But I digress, and I want to tell you why Toronto needs Nikki Benz. Benz’ resume is as follows:

  • Veteran of 217 adult films
  • Award for “Best Tease Performance” (2006)
  • Award for “Best Three-way Sex Scene (2008)
  • Award for “Best All-Girl Three-way Sex Scene” (2010)

I’d like to see Hillary Clinton match that! Actually, no I wouldn’t. {My EYES!!…They BURN!!}

Nevertheless, as for Nikki Benz, she is not just qualified to run for Mayor of Toronto, but President of the United States. THAT’S a resume, and truth in advertising, politically speaking.

Benz’, whose films include “Strap On Sally 20” and “Meet the F—–s 6,” told the Toronto Sun that she’d do a better job at running Toronto than Ford, who is currently undergoing “Jesse Jackson Jr” at a drug rehab center in Toronto.

Who can argue with Benz that she could do better than Ford, as it is the citizens who end up “getting it in the end” anyway, right?


We can only hope that Nikki Benz marries after getting elected, and to a guy named Dick Dover.

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