Michael Moore and the misogynist hypocrite’s divorce

Hard to believe that a woman would divorce this Hollywood hunk! However, Michael Moore and Kathleen Glynn will soon be no more. And their divorce is as ugly as Oprah with no makeup.

The capitalist who has made more money bashing capitalism is now trying to cry “poverty.” Moore and Glynn are disputing when they actually became separated, as Moore is trying to protect his large assets. If Moore can prove that he made certain money during the separation, then Glynn won’t get as much of his money.

According to court documents, Moore claims they split nearly four years ago, in August 2010, while Glynn says the pair only parted last June, when Moore filed for divorce in a Michigan Circuit Court. That’s a discrepancy of almost three years.


I know…a bit hypocritical, since Michael Moore’s attempt to cheat his soon-to-be ex-wife out of marital assets would make him a MISOGYNIST AND and a lying thief!

But ther ise another problem, and that’s how Moore made all that illicit money, during the “good years” with Glynn.

Glynn produced several of Moore’s mockumentaries, including Fahrenheit 9/11, which his highest grossing of all time. Glynn won’t go down easy, as he plans to call experts who will testify to Moore’s ability to continue to earn the big bucks on these films.

Next, she is going after his website, which is generating crazy loot.

Moore will come out swinging as well, as he will call in a few favors from Hollywood heavyweights to argue on behalf of his interests, again claiming poverty.

Lying disingenuous capitalist snake Michael Moore has a problem with the claims of poverty. His sprawling mansion in Torch Lake.

The man who decries the wealthy, since they earn money off the backs of the poor worker [wonder where Moore thinks he gets his money?] has beaucoup dollars tied up in this “Nightmare Home.”

It’s difficult to be a “man of the people” as Moore proclaim, while he builds a palatial mansion fit for an African Muslim president! Let’s all say it together: HYPOCRITE!


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