Obama creates richest terror network in history

Pamela Geller has chronicled the epic failure of Obama’s foreign policy in Iraq, a failure so pathetic, that Obama has created the richest terror network in history!


As Atlas Shrugs put it:

More of Obama’s epic foreign policy failures. Although one could argue that it has been an unprecedented success for Obama’s jihadist agenda.

The al Qaeda group ISIS paraded American Humvees seized from Iraqi forces who evacuated the area, according to Reuters.

And $429 million was seized from the  City’s Central Bank to make the al Qaeda group the world’s richest jihad terror force. This is a game-changer — and the last of the Bush era security infrastructure against this scourge has all but been destroyed by the foreign agent in the White House. It’s a whole new and terrible era of Islamic terror. Fasten your seat belts.

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