If Obama had a son, he’d be a gangster social media sensation

In case you wonder how we ended up with a gangster president, meet Jeremy Meeks.

I’m guessing this guy will end up on some prison calendar for Hottest Felon, since it seems he’s become a social media sensation.

This is exactly the predicament that has made America the world’s largest prison, run by a “shot caller!”

As for Jeremy’s looks, I get it. The guy is handsome as you can see in this video.


But honestly ladies, dude is a straight up thug. Imagine life beyond the “looks,” and suddenly Jeremy isn’t nearly as hot. America is experiencing this very same thing with Barack Obama.

Forget his record, because HE’S SO DREAMY!

If this situation isn’t a metaphor for Obama, I don’t know what is. People have heard me and many others discuss “style over substance” when I spoke of Obama, and they called it jealousy. So if a woman chose to date straight up thug Jeremy over me, then I would be jealous?

No, I would know that I dodged a bullet. Because any woman stupid enough to choose Jeremy over me would be too ignorant for me to date! If you want to date a thug, (or have one running your government), then it will definitely be YOUR LOSS! And you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

The people who voted for Obama were warned. We told you he didn’t have his OWN money, and that he would STEAL FROM OTHERS…ok, steal from YOU. It doesn’t feel as nice ladies, when you look in your pocketbook, and find out that Obama has stolen all your money except the $10 he left you for lunch. Or better yet, you need to get your hair done, but he’s maxed out YOUR credit card.

Think of the life Jeremy Meeks could have led, but he went the wrong way, likely relying on his looks to take advantage of others. If anybody knows how to use his skills to take advantage of others, it’s Barack Obama.

This story proves that there are some truly moronic people in the world that Democrats are happy can vote.



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