Obama Votes No Prescence In Iraq: The Mideast Goes Up In Flames

by Dave Weinbaum

As a child of mixed race, religions and fatherless, Barack Obama was looking for direction. He made a decision to identify with blacks (his missing father’s side), not whites, be a rebel against a colonialist and racist America, and to espouse the fairness and justice of Socialism and Communism, even if he had to keep it a secret to get elected. Today, one believes this President to be either incredibly inept or he’s opting to put what he perceives as an evil AmeriKKKa in its place.

I think it’s a combination of both.

Obama, despite the freedom and opportunity it’s brought him, has rejected a “government by the people, for the people and of the people” for a structure run by one leader (himself), with liberty and justice for whomever he thinks will back him in this endeavor. Yet, even that falls between the cracks because of his lack of ability to deliver.

Worst of all, he doesn’t understand that what he is doing is so similar to what occurred from the early 1900’s through WW2 that Putin’s plea to save Russian speaking people in foreign lands was exactly the same as Hitler’s phony cry to do the same for German speakers.

Yet, Barack was shocked by Putin’s aggressiveness. After all, didn’t Hillary present the President of Russia with a reset button? Didn’t Putin realize that the evil Bush was no longer President?

“The tide of war is not retreating—America is receding” Charles Krauthammer

It comes to mind that the end of WW2 was as significant to world survival as the winning of the war itself. The US didn’t just win the war—it won the peace. It kept residual US forces in those lands that sought to conquer Europe, murder all its Jews, kill all political opponents and create a religion based on man, not G-d.

After the US involvement ended the war 3.5 years after it declared war on Japan for Pearl Harbor, they didn’t pull all the troops out. They left residual forces—troops that are still there in large capacities.  As of 12/31/10 those soldiers numbered 52,440 in Germany, 35,688 in Japan, and 9,660 in Italy.

If Ike would have listened to General Patton, he could have eliminated the Soviet Union’s status as a post-war super power and deflated the cold war in its infancy.

Putting that aside, though, we’ve maintained 70 years of relative stableness in Europe after two of the worst wars in history occurred just two decades apart. The USA, in non-conquering mode, set an example of leadership that didn’t threaten to destroy countries and rape and murder their citizens. Instead the USA helped our enemies recover in a civilized manner that maintained their need for regaining national pride, rebuilding their economy via the brilliant Marshall plan and establish trade with the world and especially with America. It was reminiscent of Lincoln rebuilding the South at the objections of many in America who wanted to subjugate it forever.

The choices we make dictate the life that we lead

Now, back to the future, Obama shunned this history over the objections of his military experts and pulled all combat forces out of Iraq. Almost immediate civil war began. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has erupted like mount St. Helen on steroids.

Once again, President Obama was shocked—his reported response-ironic. Democratically-elected Prime Minister Maliki must resign because he can’t control his borders!

It’s Jihadist heaven in the Mideast and Africa—and it’s growing unfettered, cutting a swath through Syria and threating Jordan. Israel is caught in the crosshairs. Whatever progress the Bush Administration had taken to protect us after a series of administrations failed to see the threat of violent Jihad has just suffered a staggering defeat.

For those who think we’re safe in the USA, remember it was only six months after the Taliban destroyed Buddhist statues until bin-Laden, et al executed 9/11. The Islamists in ISIS are already telling us they’ll see us in NYC and soon. ANOTHER TERRORIST ATTACK ON US SOIL ISN’T JUST A PREDICTION—IT’S PRETTY MUCH A SURE THING!

Being a state senator and voting “present” was a lot more difficult than actually taking a stand.

I believe if a leader won’t stand up, he should be made to stand down.

Another round of golf, Mr. President?

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