If Obama had a white son, he’d name him “Bowe”

If Obama had a white, America-hating, military-dodging, Muslim-speaking, Taliban-loving son, he’d name him Bowe.

The parallels are uncanny, when you think about it. Obama doesn’t really care that much for white people, so you must be something really special to enter the “circle of trust.”

Denounce your country. Check.

Leave your military group and go awol. Check.

Get six military men killed trying to find and protect you. Check.

Join up with the enemy. Check.

Orchestrate your release for five of your new Muslim brothers. Check.


Based on that resume, what lengths would Obama go to get his son back? He would trash a nation.

Being the good Muslim father, that’s what Obama did.

Constitution be damned, there was a Muslim in harm’s way. Bypassing Congress on a technicality was a small price to pay for Obama.

America has wronged Muslim countries with our colonialism. America believes all the world should be like us; civilized. Who are we to not allow those goat-raping Neanderthals from living their lives according to their holy doctrines?

I certainly get it.

Obama felt a certain kinship to Bowe, the man who forgot English after only five years in self-imposed captivity. The man who speaks the language that Obama says is the most beautiful thing he ever heard, as he described the Muslim call to prayer.

There is BO, Bo, and now we the Obama’s have Bowe.

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