Real Books: You won’t believe what’s in print

 When I saw a book titled, “How to Avoid Work,” I knew that book was written by some hippie Liberal, living off the back of hard-working, taxpaying Conservatives. But there are LOTS of books that make you wonder how they ended up in print.

Look at the “teaser” for this jewel…

Real Books 1
How about this teaser!
























Now this one certainly gets your attention in the time of Sandra Fluke!

Real Books 3 - Missed Periods






















Sure to be in the library of Lesbians all across America, I give you…

Real Books 6 - Kat Kong

















For those Southern Baptists who can’t dance publicly, here is one they can read in the privacy of their own homes…

Real Books 5 - Dancing with Jesus


I’m sure we’d all like to buy this parenting guide for many of our Liberal acquaintances, or simply give them out when we see Liberals children acting up in public…

Real Books 4 - How not to be a dick





















And finally we get the PETA sanctioned book for any stupid Liberal who might be planning a trip to Africa to appreciate Nature. I think I will wait for the video of the person willing to put this book to use!

Real Books 2 - Lion's testicle

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