How about some reparations for the Scots-Irish?

Need another example of the Liberal “gimme” culture? Well here it is. Te-Nehisi Coates’ left-wing drivel “The Radical Practicality of Reparations,” recently published in The Atlantic.

It’s time again to set the record straight.

Food stamps, housing subsidies, child care, free education, and cell phones, even drugs and vacations are all paid courtesy of the gangster government willing to steal from hardworking American taxpayers. And per capita, blacks are using welfare disproportionately in their favor.

The excuse for blacks in America is slavery. Though no black alive today who has even anecdotal knowledge of slavery, the idea remains a crutch for blacks in America. But no self-respecting race-baiting black Liberal (or white Liberal for that matter) would dare mention slavery of the white man.

For centuries, dating back to Holy Roman Empire, the Scots-Irish have been an enslaved race. Long before the black man ever set foot in this country, the Scots were being sold on the auction block in America.

Much later the first black slave was sold by the Dutch East India company in 1719, ironically to a wealthy black man named Anthony Johnson. It would seem this little factoid of black on black slavery doesn’t seem to matter to the race pimp, in as much as black on black crime is all but ignored today.

However when it comes to slavery of the white man, the Scots-Irish were slaves as far back as 1652, as documented in the Egerton Manuscript in the British Museum:

“Any person…found begging or vagrant in any town, parish or place [shall be] conveyed into the port of London or unto any other port from where such person or persons may be shipped into a foreign colony or plantation.”

Just for the record. Britain is NOT Africa, so there were white people being shipped to America for the grand experiment of slavery.

An estimated 100,000 Scots made their way to the New World in this fashion prior to 1719.  My ancestors were quite irksome to their overseers, as they were rounded up, sometimes kidnapped, and sold for profit.  Children were no exception.

Political prisoners were routinely sold into slavery, and anyone caught wearing tartan was subject to deportation.  Conditions aboard ship were deplorable and Scottish slaves were treated just as badly as their black brethren.

Few of us have ancestors that all came here voluntarily.  You don’t hear the Scots-Irish bitching about slavery, though it is a fact of our past, along with the Dutch, the German, and virtually every other nationality that infuses our culture.  What built this country is diversity and personal pride for contributing to something so much greater than self.

Reparations for all is simply being American.


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