Report shows that GM punished whistleblower

It’s no wonder GM is jokingly called Government Motors. It runs just like the government, wasteful and inefficient. And like the Fed, when somebody blows the whistle, the person’s life is ruined.

Edward Snowden knows Courtland Kelly feels, as this video suggests:

Here is an excerpt from an article in Business Week that explain what happened to Kelly:

Kelley had been the head of a nationwide GM inspection program and then the quality manager for the Cobalt’s predecessor, the Cavalier. He found flaws and reported them, over and over, and repeatedly found his colleagues’ and supervisors’ responses wanting. He thought they were more concerned with maintaining their bureaucracies and avoiding expensive recalls than with stopping the sale of dangerous cars. Eventually, Kelley threatened to take his concerns to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Frustrated with the limited scope of a recall of sport-utility vehicles in 2002, he sued GM under a Michigan whistle-blower law. GM denied wrongdoing, and the case was dismissed on procedural grounds. Kelley’s career went into hibernation; he was sent to work in another part of the company, and GM kept producing its cars.

The Left speaks of capitalism as a bad thing, and this situation at GM is what they are describing; the collusion of government with corrupt capitalism.

This company who shut down a man who was attempting to correct a horrible problem and who was trying to save lives, was ultimately complicit in the deaths of dozens of people. Instead of rewarding the man who tried to prevent death, GM has all but ruined Kelly’s career. It’s been said that GM tracks the social security numbers of whistleblowers in order to prevent them from getting jobs.

Anybody think Barack Obama or anybody in Congress will give Courtland Kelly an award for doing the right thing? Will his reputation be made whole, and will he get a great job and promotion.

If Kelly had been Susan Rice or Hillary Clinton, in other words, incompetent and willing to go along to get along, he might be president of GM.

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