Group trains young black men how to be fathers

A big problem of Liberalism, specifically the Women’s Movement is the devastation they have created in the black community.

There is an epidemic of single-parent black families, with mainly mothers in charge.

Young black men have been relegated to sexual “studs” with no responsibility for fatherhood.

Because of this, even for the black man who wants to try, the role models are sparce. Most young black men don’t have a real father growing up, and the Cosby Show is only available in syndication.

Thankfully there is a problem like the one shown in this video, that can help young black men learn what it means to be a parent.

The Fathers’ Support Center was founded on December 10, 1997, Fathers’ Support Center has consistently provided a comprehensive program of services for men who want to learn to be a responsible father, committed to a strong family relationship.

Since its founding, Fathers’ Support Center has served more than 10,000 fathers and their families — including over 25,000 children. FSC has experienced continued success – 75% job retention, 62% employment placement, 75% financially support their children and 80% interact with their children.

The program delivers positive results for fathers, their children and the community as a whole.

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