Terrorists have a new weapon! Dog Poop

Move over shoe bombs, there is a new terrorist weapon threatening air travelers, and it caused a US Airways flight that originated in Philly to abruptly land in KC in order to make the plane safe for passengers.


Introducing the latest weapon of airline terror: the Stink Bomb. Hard to believe that dog poop could cause such a stir, but it did.

I’m trying to imagine what size dog would poop big enough to cause a plane to land.

Further, how did a dog who could crap this big sneak on the plane? Was it dressed as Al Qaeda?

Moreover, was this an Al Qaeda trial run to see what people will do when an animal runs up and down the aisle defecating?

I’ve seen unruly children on planes, but they are at least restrained by their embarrassed parents. Who owned this beast, and why was he allowed to roam the plane like it was the Serengeti?


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