Top THIS for Father’s Day, Dads!

Happy Father’s Day to this young lady.

Her father shot a criminal holding a knife to his daughter’s throat. I suspect there isn’t a Conservative father on the planet who wouldn’t have done the same thing!


Police say it began with two men approaching a 17-year-old girl in the street, taking her at gunpoint and forcing her into her home.  The girl’s father shot and killed one and injured the other, when the two men pushed their way into the house.

“He was holding her hostage. She was a human shield.  So I did what I had to do.

An interviewer asked the father,

“How did you have the confidence to pull the trigger when he was holding your daughter?”

He answered,

“It wasn’t like that.  I mean, it just happened.  I didn’t have no choice.  He had my daughter so I did what I had to do.”

He says he has no idea who the men were or why they picked the home of his child’s mother.

He assumes robbery was the motive.

“I would think that was what their intentions were. I mean, I don`t know.  I don`t really know,” he continued.

Was robbery the motive, or did the two have worst things in store for the 17-year old girl, nobody knows. One thing is for sure, one of the bad guys won’t get the chance to explain, thanks to a fantastic father.

I know the Left will want to blame the father, others will want to blame the gun. However neither of them are to blame. One thing is for sure, one young lady will have the best Father’s Day of her life, and so will her dad.

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