Venezuelan prostitutes can teach economics to American taxpayers

American taxpayers should learn from Venezuelan prostitutes. Not only do these ladies represent what the American taxpayer really is, they have also shown us the future.

It is illegal to trade dollars in the streets of Venezuela, so those who have them are able to make a killing in the underground market, where dollars are worth 11 times the official rate.

That, of course, has produced unintended results and consequences for society. One of those, Bloomberg’s Anatoly Kurmanaev reports, is that prostitutes and other people with access to dollars are doubling as currency traders.

Prostitutes get their greenbacks from sailors carrying them into the country.

I don’t know what you currently do to provide money to the pimp known as the Federal government, but whatever it is, you may soon find yourself part of this underground Black Market, as the dollar ends up in the toilet.


I’m a realist who is warning people that they’d better learn a trade that is needed in the future economy. The guy growing food and with access to clean water will be more in demand than any Wall Street fat cat, when the cake hits the fan.

In the future Black Market economy that will be ushered in by America’s first black president, you will find himself paying geometrically for goods and services, if you can’t negotiate a good trade for your own services. Since going off the gold standard, the dollar has been worthless. But if you think it was worthless at that time, just think about what it’s worth in the time of $17 trillion of debt, and a $1+ trillion dollar deficit, with no end in sight.

As reported in Bloomberg of these Venezuelan prostitutes:

“We can make more in two hours here than working in a shop in a month,” said a prostitute who calls herself Giselle, as she sipped a 12-year-old whiskey in Club 440 striptease joint.

The prostitutes consider this the only way to get not just decent whiskey but also everyday products like sugar, flour, and other staples. The last time Venezuela published a scarcity index, back in January, one in four basic products was unavailable. People form epic lines to get into grocery stores, only to find their shelves complete empty.

Experts are afraid that the underground market that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro calls “perverse” is turning the country into a place of dollar haves and have-nots.

It’s not different here. The US economy is positioning for the fall of the dollar, and with that will come the biggest shift in power a country can possibly see. In that type of anarchy it is the resourceful who become the new economic titans.

I remember being in Venezuela where they dialed in the price of products daily due to inflation. Women ran to get their husband’s checks at their jobs, so they could immediately go spend every dollar, as inflation was so rampant, saving was fruitless. The only currency was food. Those who had the food were king.

Though we don’t discuss it much these days, as we have plenty of other scandals. But the biggest scandal of the Obama administration is the prostitution of the U.S. dollar. That’s why Obama nor any significant Liberal dares to brag about America’s record stock market.

A house of cards.

At least when it tumbles, we can all play “Go Fish” together.


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