100 Words On: Gubmint Done Gone All Whacky On Us!


This is from last summer, but we have continued down the same wacky road.  This country is almost unrecognizable.  And, it’s not over yet…


Well, well, well. It finally happened. Gubmint…

…it looks like the government done looped itself on to the crazy train, and we ain’t never goin’ back.

Consider these three headlines:

1. Federal agencies are renting hotel rooms to house people trying to cross the Southern border. The overflow of illegal immigrants is such that the government is sending them to other cities or even just releasing them.

They need to have this policy with other crimes. If you steal a beer, they should give you more beer. Now I’m going to go steal some beer.

2. The President flew his family dog, Bo, on an MV-22 Osprey out to the vacation spot on Martha’s Vineyard. No word as to whether the in-flight meal was up to Michelle’s specifications.

The aircraft, to be fair, carried all of their luggage. No word yet on why Bo isn’t good enough for a ride on Air Force One. Maybe he’s too tasty…

3. Chuck Schumer has held a press conference to remind people to check themselves for ticks. Or have a friend do it. Chucky probably believes that if he doesn’t tell us, nobody will, since we’re all dumb rednecks out here in the flyover states. Well, Chucky, Brad Paisley already told us to, and his way was far more entertaining than yours.

Once again, the private sector outdoes the government, and at a profit…

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