Black Liberals are the worst leaders

If you study history you know that blacks thrived under Black Republican leadership. More progress was made for blacks under the leadership of Republicans than at any time in history.

The Democrats have tried to rewrite history by stealing the Civil Rights movement, a movement started and completed by Republicans, but Democrats fought the Civil Rights of blacks, and that’s a fact.

Under Republicans, blacks got to be HUMAN! Democrats wanted (still want) blacks to be animals.

Republicans started schools for blacks, good schools, and not these Liberal institutions of today that provide mis-education. The black literacy rate soared during the time of Republican leadership. Today, black kids graduate high school unable to read.

Republicans insured that blacks were represented in government, and made sure that blacks had businesses and thriving communities. Democrats only let black people control other black people. You won’t see a black Democrat elected where there are a majority of whites–if you are thinking of Corey Booker, understand that he was appointed, not elected.

The Democrats of today say that all those racist Democrats became Republicans, but nobody ever discusses why all the Republicans, but that would have left only ONE PARTY, since all those Democrats were racist!

Who would have wanted to remain a racist Democrat? The Democrats, that’s who!

Fast forward to the ’60s.

In 1963, blacks marched for jobs and freedom against Democrat oppression. Well we got freedom; but where are the jobs.

As this video shows, Charlie Rangel says it’s the Tea Party’s fault. A group that started in 2009?


Black Liberals had their Congressional Black Caucus overseers since 1969, and they have managed to make the ghettos worse! Look at a black neighborhood from the 1960s and compare it to one today. Give me the GOOD ‘OL DAYS, because the circa ’60s ghetto was far better for growing up black.

In the new Millennium, black Liberals hit the jackpot, as they had been awaiting the Messiah. Obama was elected, and all was to be right in the world. Yet the more things change, the more they have remained the same.

Obama brought no nirvana. The Congressional Black Caucus being joined by a black president should have created a black Utopia somewhere: New Orleans, Atlanta, Detroit!? Where is it?

Will the black Utopia please stand up?!

In a month where supposedly 200,000 new jobs were created, black unemployment can “celebrate” being TWICE that for whites. A worse situation couldn’t have occurred if white people were in control of blacks.

To put it simply: Liberal black leaders suck.

I defy anybody to find me a city where a Liberal black is in charge, and where that city is thriving. The closest you get is Atlanta. Well don’t get too cocky.

Atlanta is where school administrators were changing test scores, so they could pass black children who hadn’t learned a thing. You would think Atlanta would hold their educators to a higher standard, but they have lowered it, as if that’s even possible.

Atlanta is the city where the mostly white suburbs are splitting off to become their own cities. Why? They are tired of a city who elects only inept black Liberals. The secession to leave the city is so bad, an Atlanta state legislator proposed a bill to prevent white folks from leaving, enacting a sort of “plantation” for white folks; how’s that for a laugh!

Atlanta was supposed to be the NY City of the South, but it’s far from it. The crown jewel of black Liberal achievement has been built with fool’s gold and cubic zirconias.

America needs REAL black leaders, and they will not come from the Left. I suggest black people look at Allen West, Ben Carson, and Star Parker, to name a few. These are real leaders, and not the hucksters who claim to represent the people.



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