Another Biden Gaffe that hurts Obama?

Joe Biden is a gaffe machine, however as the saying goes, “In vino veritas”…in Biden there is truth.

Yes, Biden is about as coherent as a wino, but oftentimes in his Tourettes-like ramblings he gets it right.

Remember this video of a Freudian slip, now known as a Bidenism?


His latest gaffe was in a speech to the National Governors Association, where Biden said:

“I was thinking about this a lot the last three to four weeks. The greatest honor of my life was to be a United States senator and to serve for all those years in the United States Senate with some of the greatest, finest people I’ve ever known in my life. And I loved it.”


That’s sacrilege. Biden is saying that he’s rather work in the Senate, than for GOD himself? To be one of one hundred, rather than be the #2 in HEAVEN!

After all that Obama-Biden 2008/2012 have done for this country, and Biden wants to step backwards?

Little will be made of this by the lamestream media, but ask yourself what hoopla this would get if Cheney had said it. If Cheney said this TODAY, it would dominate the news cycle for a week!


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