Can’t afford a home then THANK Obama?

Owning your home is no longer a dream, but is now a trap? Sounds like the Obama propaganda machine at work.

If Obama can’t give you “hope and change,” then change your hope.

The article starts:

When Kimberly walked up to the front door of a beautiful, 7,500 square foot colonial, anchored in a terrific cul-de-sac in northern Baltimore County, she said to herself: “All my life I thought this was what I wanted. But as beautiful as this property is, I see nothing but a money pit and a trap.”

So what are people supposed to be happy with these days? Renting from rich people who actually have the means to buy property? Oh, I see the logic in that.

No wait! Most of these people loading the homeowner pipeline are riding it out in their parents’ basements. I guess they are waiting on a white Republican president, so they can become real adults.

This video suggests what may be the real reason Millennials are not buying homes:



In this recovery that Obama has created, according to the article:

2014 was expected to be real estate’s Gatsby year. After promising sales numbers in 2012 and 2013, this was going to be the year we were going to hear how homeownership wasn’t just a stable investment, but also the gateway to American prosperity. Sales and contracts jumped, including home values as reported from Case-Shiller. The former, however, is top-heavy as the most expensive properties are mostly selling; thus manipulating the data, as seen in the following chart from the National Association of Realtors:

Say it ain’t so, but it’s only the rich folks who are feasting?

No matter how bad the city is, there is an area of town, where home values do not depreciate. I will give you one guess where that part of town is, and here’s a hint: it isn’t the “black sections” of Joe Biden’s town.

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