When honor is deserved

I love seeing the American Spirit showcased elsewhere. That spirit is something that is worldwide, but has been declared the American Spirit because of what America represents.

America is the mosaic of the world, a blending of cultures. In the past we took the best of those cultures, which is what made us the envy of the world.

This little Chinese boy did something miraculous, as reported here.

As cancer ravaged his body, the fifth grader from the Chinese city of Shenzhen focused on how he could save others if he could not survive his own battle.

“There are many people doing great things in the world,” he said from his sickbed according to the ChinaDaily.com. “They are great, and I want to be a great kid too.”

But what they hospital did to honor the child was touching. It’s good to see that people honor those who deserve it.

This culture is dying in America, where we now honor those who deserve no honor. This Chinese kid is a reminder of the American Spirit, and why America is so important to the world.

Here is a similar story (video) about a NJ police officer who saved a life:


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