Democrats are recruiting with CANDY!

Here I thought Obama was “eye-candy,” but as it turns out, they have more to offer.

It’s a kindler, gentler Democratic Party, and as this video shows, the Klan is giving out candy in their latest recruiting effort to shore up the Democrat base.


Who can pass up candy?

Klansman: Come get your Snickers!

Black recruit: What did you call me, Cracka?

What next? Democrats giving out Eskimo Pies and Jujube (pronounced JEWJEWBE…for stupid Liberals who miss the reference)?

The Klan needs to just leave things alone, as the Democrat strategy of growing their numbers is working wonderfully.

How to grow the Democratic Party Klan:

  • Elect incompetent black guy, telling people he’s the smartest guy on the planet
  • Let him work his black magic

Presto! The Democrats have even more Klansmen!

The Democrats were in danger of becoming irrelevant, and in a twisted reality of the Dave Chappelle spoof where a blind black man becomes Grand Master of the Klan, America was gifted with Obama.

Put Obama’s record on paper, show it to a black man, and see if said black man won’t say that America is being run by a Klansman!

Jackie Robinson shut the Klan up, when he was smacking that ball around and making the Klan look silly. Not Obama. He put “special” in Special Olympics, as watching him is like watching a 3-year old play soccer.

Hey little girl, want to BUY some candy!?


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