In Detroit, water is an entitlement

That shining city on the hill and Liberal Utopia Detroit has a water problem. It’s not a lack of the substance, as parts of California is experiencing. No, Detroit has plenty of water, the people just don’t want to pay for it, as this video suggests:


Suddenly water is an entitlement?

According to this report, nearly half of the 320,000 accounts in the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department are delinquent. So earlier this year the bankrupt Detroit began an aggressive shutoff campaign aimed at forcing late customers to pay up.

The problem is Detroit has run out of rich white Republicans, thus answering the question:

“What happens when the government runs out of people to tax?”

The answer: Poor people have to foot the bill themselves.

And so they protest. It’s not the people of Detroit who USE water provided by the city to PAY for the service. Since when to poor people have to pay for anything?!

They are given food, housing, cell phones, cable TV, and BLING! Why on Gore’s green earth should they have to pay for WATER!

I’m curious as to how this will turn out, given that Detroit denizens have no white man to blame. The situation in Detroit is solely a creation of Liberal America, and more specifically Liberal black America. I predict this will begin to happen in all the urban indoctrination centers, particularly those run by stupid black Liberals.

I certainly see Obama putting another feather in the headdress on this one {Indian pun intended}

I believe we need Nationalized WaterCare! We will call it “H2Obama!”



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