GM car coffins

GM has experienced some bad press, because they manufacture death traps. They paid back $40 billion on a $50 billion loan from the American taxpayer, netting $10 billion, and what do they do: build rolling mechanical coffins.

So the announcement that GM has issued another 6 recalls, as reported in this video, is not a surprise.


For those keeping score, this brings the annual total to 60 recalls covering almost 30 million vehicles. It would be easier to know how many cars WEREN’T recalled!

The latest recalls cover nearly 823,000 cars, trucks and SUVs mostly in North America but including a small number of exports. The largest recall is for faulty seats in about 475,000 cars and small SUVs. The other problems are more disturbing, as they are minor in some respects, things like incomplete welds on seat brackets, turn signal failures, power steering failures, loose suspension bolts and faulty roof rack bolts.

As you can see, GM is still making quality job ONE.

When you consider that GM knew of the deadly ignition switch for more than a decade, ask yourself why the Fed hasn’t shut them down?


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