GOP Defectors: Key Republicans Say Solving Climate Change More Important Now Than Ever

Not everyone on the right is a climate change skeptic.  And, there are some key members of the GOP who believe that action must be taken immediately to address climate change:

It all comes atop a U.S. Supreme Court decision last week that has essentially given the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the right to regulate 83 percent of the emissions that are released from power plants. That’s conservative Justice Antonin Scalia’s assessment, who acknowledged that this is nearly everything the agency had requested.

In a phone interview, the former EPA chief under George W. Bush and the former Governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman, told this reporter that many national conservatives are deferential to those scientists who say that global warming is largely a function of man-made emissions, notably from burning fossil fuels. But she admits that such thinkers are generally “moderate” and, by nature, are not as vocal as some of the more extreme members of the party.   Read the full article

HuffPo is pretty pleased with Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) who has a history of embracing environmental issues:

WASHINGTON — Over the course of her career, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has stood apart from most of her GOP colleagues on the issue of the environment. She has supported climate change legislation and curbs on carbon emissions, winning nods of approval from groups like the Environmental Defense Fund and the League of Conservation Voters.

As Collins campaigns for reelection this year, however, her candidacy is exposing tensions within the environmental movement. Some environmentalists in Maine contend that national green groups are hurting their cause by throwing their support behind an imperfect candidate. Collins’ Democratic opponent in the race, Shenna Bellows, has made environmental issues a key part of her campaign and would be a much more reliable supporter of the movement, they argue.

“When it comes to the environment, we cannot afford D-grade leadership in Washington,” said Bellows in an interview with The Huffington Post. “Given the strong environmental movement in Maine, [Collins] should be offering stronger environmental leadership. We are at a turning point on the environment, and she is hesitating.”   Read the full article

And, on Mother Nature Network’s website is an article which celebrates seven Republican senators who are on board the climate change hysteria train.  You can view the slideshow featuring those seven here.

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