Barack Who? Hillary’s Trying To Distance Herself From Obama

Hillary is reportedly distancing herself from Obama and his economic policies.  And, some believe it is imperative that she do so. But can she distance herself from herself?

Ben Wolfgang, in an article in the Washington Times, writes:

If she runs for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton may find herself not only having to distance herself from President Obama, but she will also have to put some space between herself and her own husband, former President Bill Clinton, on everything from marijuana policy to immigration.

Policy disagreements between Mrs. Clinton and her husband, however minor, could become a major story as the 2016 presidential race heats up. It’s already clear there is daylight between the two on, among other things, infamous NSA leaker Edward Snowden, condemned by the former secretary of state but described as an “imperfect messenger” in an important debate by the 42nd president.

Then there’s Mr. Clinton’s own history during his administration, including his ramping up the war on drugs, signing the Defense of Marriage Act against gay marriage and signing into law a harsh crackdown on illegal immigration — all of which Mrs. Clinton will have to grapple with, especially in Democratic primaries.

Hillary Clinton’s main problem will be her inability to distance herself from Hillary Clinton. Aside from her overblown resume, Clinton continues to be a bigger gaffe engine than even Joe Biden.

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