Hillary Clinton’s Book, “Hard Choices” Is A $10 Million Loss for Publisher

Daniel Greenfield gives us the low-down on Hillary’s deplorable book sales numbers:

Paying Hillary Clinton a $14 million advance for a badly ghostwritten book about the time she did nothing as Secretary of State proved to be a really bad choice.

Publishing sources said that Clinton has sold 177,236 hardcovers. E-book sales aren’t available, but her numbers are very low, said the sources. Even at 200,000 total sales, simple math finds that for Simon & Schuster to cover the $14 million advance, each book would have had to sell for about $70. Amazon offers it for $20.94, about $14 off the $35 list price. It has dropped to 103rd in Amazon sales, compared to 10th for Blood Feud.

Of course authors don’t receive more than a fraction of their sales anyway. No matter what eBook sales are, publishers don’t currently make much money off them.   Read the full article

And, uh oh–an MSNBC contributor says the, “more Hillary Clinton is in the spotlight, less the public seems to like her.”  Watch:

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