What was HP thinking in Chubby Checker app?

Sometimes truth is not only stranger than fiction, it’s funnier.

HP attempted to market an app called the “chubby checker.” The famous singer whose stage moniker is Chubby Checker took issue, as this video details:


The issue I have is the purpose of the app, which was to measure the size of a man’s penis, thus the proposed name “chubby checker.”

I can only imagine what the Marketing Department of HP had to say about this one. Unless the “chubby checker” diagnosed an STD to send the findings to a medical doctor, your phone should be nowhere near your naughty bits, though that would stop people from using your phone with or without your permission.

But the real name of the app should have been “chubby measurer,” since that was the intent of the app. OK guilty. When I was a kid I did get the ruler out a time or two to check on my “status.” But as I got older and started playing sports, it was plain to see that based on my peers I was doing ok, and I put the tape measure away…for good.

Is this an app for pre-pubescent teens, or insecure guys? What possible revenue did HP expect to put Marketing in this kind of pickle, pardon the obvious pun?

I suspect HP was already developing the next app, or on that would make your “chubby” appear larger than the results you got from the “chubby checker.” Nice business plan, HP! Well played…

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