Kindler, Gentler VA tells cancer patient to go to work

So what you are bedridden with cancer and have to breath oxygen through a ventilator, it’s time to get to work!

So says the kindler, gentler VA, as this video suggests:


Ken Moore is a Vietnam veteran who is not only battlingĀ cancer, but he also suffers from heart and lung problems from exposure to Agent Orange. Moore was denied full disability benefits from Veterans Affairs and told in a letter they can see no reason he can’t go back to work.

Looks like Obama has gotten right on that VA problem, doesn’t it?

Even with the VA under the microscope, the Obama administration is doing nothing. They sent the new head of the VA to the VFW annual conference, where he promptly lied to veterans about what the administration would do. Yet, former soldiers are still waiting more than a year or more to find out whether the government will pay for their injuries and illnesses related to service for their country.

The irony in Moore’s case is heĀ filed for 100 percent disability and unemployability last September, he didn’t even have the cancer diagnosis!

And it’s not like the VA didn’t know, as one of the doctors who treated Moore at the VA hospital in Murfreesboro wrote in a letter that Moore can’t stand or walk for prolonged periods of time, has severe lung disease, and, “I do not think that there is a reasonable likelihood that he will improve to the point that he can return to work.”

The Moores provided the VA in June with more medical information, including his cancer diagnosis, but have heard nothing.

You’d think Obama would see this as a photo-op, and save the life at JUST ONE VETERAN! According to his wife Judy, her husband may not last much longer.

I say, That’s what the government is depending on.

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