The “W-Word” and Vaginal Americans

If you think Conservative men are misogynists, then you likely believe that black people are too stupid to get valid IDs. Yet we are barraged with this Liberal silliness, and rarely fight back. Well I’m going to take the fight to them, bare knuckle.

I’m sick of feminists, and their constant harping on Conservative men.

So what Conservative men don’t want to buy your stupid contraception. I don’t want to buy your fake boobs either. Since when is not buying a woman something a measure of misogyny? And for the record, what have those silly ass witches ever done for us?

Liberal men coined the phrase “going Dutch,” while Conservative men wouldn’t allow a woman to reach for the check. But the metrosexuals are commended as these “fake women” declare the metrosexuals as acceptable. The cuckold generation.

Look at this video of who calls herself the biggest feminist!


Let’s just make this clear: Conservative men are the best husbands, boyfriends, and friends. Conservative men give America the best daughters (and sons), and future adult females.

The women Conservative men choose are far more classy than any Liberal woman could even conceive, let alone pull off…PERIOD.

Some stupid Liberal shrew wrote this of Tom Junod’s recent Esquire article on the sexual viability of 42-year-old women, calling Junod’s opinion the “part and parcel of the ‘new’ misogyny taking hold in both American culture and politics.”

She goes on to say this:

When white men still make the rules, get pissed off when they can’t make the rules and punish women for wanting to make their own rules, well, Houston, we have a problem. The GOP denies a war on women at the same time it pushes for legislation on women’s reproductive rights that would take us back to the ’50s. Then they insult women who push back. Rush Limbaugh says we are all sluts because we want the same sexual freedom he (and other men) enjoys and Fox News mostly wants us to sit down and shut up, if we aren’t one of their interchangeable blonde talking heads.

What does Rush Limbaugh have to do with an article , first of all? Nothing.

And exactly what “rules” does this chick think men have made? Women are doing it all! And leave it to Leftist wenches to have their cake and eat it too, yet still be bitching.

I’m sick of these braindead feminists blaming Conservative men for being MEN, and treating women like WOMEN. I’d trade in a heartbeat!

I’m just waiting for the announcement from feminists that women can no longer be referred to as women:

The “w-word” is demeaning, and we will henceforth be called, “Vaginal-Americans.” – NOW

If Liberal men and Democrats are so concerned with women’s rights, then why didn’t they do something about it when they controlled Congress? Since 1959 the Democrats have controlled BOTH the House and Senate for 38 years, and 16 of those years they had a Democrat president.

And Obama who claims to be all about women certainly wasn’t about women–gay women, notwithstanding–during his first two years as president, when he controlled the House and the Senate.

These feminist witches have it all. They can be sluts, dating the bad boys until it’s out of their systems. Then they can finally settle down with a good Conservative farm boy from Iowa. No harm no foul.

Lisa Solod seems to believe that a Liberal woman has beauty, but she’s wrong. How can you have beauty, when you really don’t love yourself. To go around accusing Conservative men of misogyny, simply because we don’t want to pay for your personal contraception is ridiculous. I guess it’s not enough that we don’t go Dutch on a date?

The only War on Women is from the Left, and they wage many wars on women. War on Black Women, War on Conservative Women, War on Beautiful Women, and so on. Liberal women hate women, and all you to do to prove that is be around Liberal woman.

Well their displaced hatred of self is not the problem of Conservative men, as we set the bar for what a man should be. I suggest Leftist Vaginal-Americans get REAL men, so they can see what that’s like.



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