Why Liberals are unemployable

There are lots of hints about how to interview for jobs and how to handle negotiations, and I’m convinced these are written for Liberals.

See this segment on a local Fox affiliate to see what I mean:


Here is the #1 rule when interviewing for a job you’d like to get: Don’t be a Liberal.

An employer knows that if he or she hires a Liberal, they are in for a world of trouble. Liberals are self-indulgent jerks in their personal and work lives. They don’t appreciate opportunity.

The first question a Liberal asks during an interview is,

“How much vacation time do I get?”

I dare you to make a list of “don’ts” in a job interview, and not think of Liberal.

  • Dress appropriately; Really? You have to tell them this. Don’t wear a suit to a job interview for janitor.
  • Don’t show up drunk. I actually interviewed after a guy who did this!
  • Don’t ask if the employer is flexible on when you show up and leave the job. Yep, Liberals do ask this question of jobs that require punctuality.
  • Don’t ask if there is a place to take a nap. Yes there is…at your home!

Liberals are pikers, unless they own their own companies. But even then, Liberals look for the easy way out.

When a Liberal owns a company, they act as if their company is all about [insert heartfelt cause here, e.g. the environment, some stupid animal, children, or whatever]. The fact is, Liberals business owners use [heartfelt cause] to make easier money. They are in fact ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS!

Consider that crime is an industry, and the CEOs are Liberals. Whether you are running a multi-million dollar drug empire or just knocking Conservatives in the head and taking our money, you can bet the perp is a Liberal. Ok, the first example could be a Libertarian if you take out the murdering and such. However the guy robbing your house, carjacking you, or robbing you at gunpoint is undoubtedly a PURE LIBERAL!

And when Liberals are employees, they care about nothing but themselves. They couldn’t care less if their company manufactures diapers for the spotted owl. When Liberals work {term used loosely} for you, they are completely self-indulgent.

A Liberal will know every “off-camera” angle in your business, and you can bet said Liberal(s) is contemplating how to rip you off, off-camera. Those sneaky suckers will use the box of the flat-screen TVs they are stealing, to obscure their body, as they wear a cap or a hoody to cover their face.

If you are losing office supplies, find the nearest Liberal. If your electric bill suddenly rises, go find where that Liberal sucker is growing his “medical marijuana” plants. And don’t even get into “cash” jobs, like barteners and waitresses.

There are entire network lineups like, Mystery Diner, Salon Makeover, Bar Rescue where you can see Liberalism at work. Either employees are stealing, or doing what Liberals do best: figuring out how NOT to work.

The good news is Liberals have inspired an entire industry, and that is the SECURITY industry.

Security personnel, cameras, alarms, drones, or whatever have all been invented because of Liberals.

Liberals want to know your salary, so they can demand your money; despite the fact that they work 1/10th as hard. Liberals want unions to protect their right to be an in your face slacker, as they dare you to fire them. Liberals want you to pay them handsomely, right up to the point that they finally get an illegitimate reason to sue you.

Unemployment will continue to rise, as Liberals continue to breed and raise other Liberals. The only thing saving America is Conservatives.

Stop hiring Liberals.

Here is a snippet from the article that inspired this post

“Salary negotiations are like any other type of negotiations — except the words you use can be extremely powerful, since there is a personal aspect to the discussion,” says HR expert Steve Kane. “The negotiation is not over the worth and price of an inanimate object, but rather the value of you to some enterprise.”

Here are 15 words and phrases that may hurt more than they’ll help in a salary negotiation:

“I accept [the first offer].” 

Remember: This is a negotiation, so be careful not to end it before it has even had a chance to start, says Ryan Kahn, a career coach, founder of The Hired Group, and author of “Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad.”

“I’m looking for X.”

Never throw out the first number. “You want to leave room for discussion,” says Lynn Taylor, author of “ Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job.”

Kahn agrees. “A good negotiation strategy is to let the employer offer the first number. That puts you in a position to see the number they are offering and gives you the opportunity to negotiate it up from there.”



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