Liberals vs. Conservatives- Seven Deadly Sins or Suggestions?

Human beings have invented codes of conduct and ethics since time began. Some were based upon religious beliefs and teachings, others based on community or tribal survival.

If you look at codes of conduct from a political and cultural standpoint, is it fair to say that liberals and conservatives view them in very different ways? Do they view them differently based on who is the offender and who is the recipient?

Let’s start at the top of the list with avarice, or greed. One of life’s first lessons as children is that we are taught to not be greedy. Share what you have with others. We were taught to share our cookies, candy, crayons, with anyone who did not have them.

But where does the split occur? At what point in life do some view greed as just that, snatching essentials out of the hands of the needy, and others view it as not so much the deprivation of others, but having the drive and ambition to succeed?

Liberals, especially in today’s culture, love entitlements. Just look at the freebies that are on the table in today’s society. Free healthcare, months upon months of unemployment payments, food stamps, in some extreme cases, free housing, education, and childcare. It is all there for the taking, if one knows  how to work the system.

No one is saying of course, that the most vulnerable among us, the disabled, the elderly, should be denied basic necessities. But when the cost of all of the things that liberals would like to hand out, all in the name of not being greedy, is tallied up, they have failed to recognize that by taking and taking, in the form of taxes and other monetary gain, from the citizens who are footing the bill, they are putting their greed on full display.

Conservatives view greed, in a completely different way. Most conservatives, in order to be successful, expect to work hard, make some sacrifices along the way, and usually have the mental blessings of a strong will, desire, determination, and ambition to help push them along. That mix in most cases, will result in prosperity and success. Put in the most simplistic of terms, conservatives want to teach the man to fish.

When liberals and conservatives come face to face on the subject of greed, many on the left view their friends on the right with suspicion and contempt. When you ask liberals what their opinions of American success stories like Donald Trump, the Koch brothers, or Mitt Romney are, they immediately assume that if one is among that elite group of people, if they did not inherit their wealth that it was ill gotten in some way. Surely there is a path of rip offs, scams, and dishonest dealings left behind by anyone who dares to be so prosperous. It is undoubtedly the result of greed. The left also forgets that all of these men, in their fog of greed, have created millions of jobs for people who need them. This is obviously greed at its worst.

If we look at the divide from a cultural perspective, perhaps there is nothing more borne of greed than the concept of racial reparations. Beginning in 1999, several groups around the world, all claiming ancestry to African slaves brought to America and the Caribbean hundreds of years ago, demanding of mainly western nations, that monetary reparations be paid to their descendants. People who were nowhere close to being born yet are somehow responsible for the enslavement of people who are long dead, and furthermore, they “owe” people who were nowhere close to being born yet, financial restitution based on the enslavement of long dead people they claim they are related to. This is quite possibly a textbook definition of liberal greed.

Add to this the various assorted fees, fines, and other expenses that liberals who are in political power heap upon those who do not look on their own hard won success as greed. Even though the Left feels perfectly entitled to continue to take as much of that prosperity for themselves that they played no part in earning. This is not greed, as President Obama lectured us; it is only leveling the playing field. Everybody gets a piece of the pie, whether they earned it or not.

The Left will continue to portray those on the Right as greedy and uncaring about the underprivileged.

It is a greed for the moral and social high ground that knows no bounds. For greed comes in many forms.

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