Lois Lerner backup tapes found

Studying Liberals as long as I have, I have learned quite well the smell of RAT! The Lois Lerner backup tapes have been found. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that her emails were never lost.

So did they use this time to scrub them? Possibly. I think they have just decided who’s going down, and the calls have been made. One more trial balloon before the IRS starts chopping heads like Muslim jihadis.

Trey Gowdy put the IRS commissioner on the hot seat again, as this video showcases, and I will go on record to say, I’d like to see Trey Gowdy of the Dept of Justice:


According to Fox News:

The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing “backup tapes” — despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying before a House oversight subcommittee, stressed that he does not know “how they found them” or “whether there’s anything on them or not.” But he said the inspector general’s office advised him the investigators are reviewing tapes to see if they contain any “recoverable” material.

The revelation is significant because the IRS claimed, when the agency first told Congress about the missing emails, that backup tapes “no longer exist because they have been recycled.”

It is unclear whether the tapes in IG custody contain any Lerner emails, but Koskinen said investigators are now checking.

The government knows that their excuse was lame. Everybody knows that emails are kept somewhere forever. Check with the NSA, because we know they have everything.

The IRS is still testing the electric fence on this issue. But make no mistake about it, the government scapegoat farm has been called, and they have goats ready to ship.

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