Obama proves politically radioactive in Denver

What does a worthless president do, who is embroiled in more scandals than he can count? You stage a pizza and pool party with a few of your remaining fans and give out “high fives,” and “fist bumps.” Oh, and you might pick up a little weed, while you’re there?

According to one report I read, the King of Contrived left the White House to meet “real people.” When this happens, it is said that the White House code for this is “the bear is loose.”

Seriously?! The BEAR!? We all know who the bear is, politically speaking, and the bear is Ukraine wrestling other bears–likely real ones.

Obama is radioactive, politically speaking, as nobody wants to be near him at events, as this video suggests:


Anyway, Obama decided to stage an event to make himself appear to be ordinary, and to seem as if people still like what he does. The reason I have to TELL most people what Obama is doing, when he’s not straight up ruining America, is nobody CARES!

Obama’s adventure in Denver began at the Wazee Supper Club, where he stopped in to share a pizza with five people who wrote him letters. Will they still write him, when he’s in jail? Hopefully we can follow this story soon.

It is said that Obama roamed the restaurant, working the crowd, even compliment a bartender on his multi-colored “stache.” How cool is that? Obama call the guys mustache, a “stache.”

After dinner it was said, Obama took a 10-minute stroll down 15th Street, working both sides of the boulevard with surprised pedestrians, giving out “high fives and “fist bumps,” until he landed at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, a bar co-owned by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Gotta spread the wealth around.

Obama shot pool with the governor, and somebody supposedly offered to buy him a beer, but it was too late; Obama had already procured one.

For those of you wondering, yes Obama was offered free pot, as one group held a sign that read, “Free Weed for Obama.”
Supposedly Obama didn’t take them up on the offer. One can only speculate that Obama has better stuff.

What I do know is what I have predicted for over a year, and that is hardly anybody will want to be seen with Obama, even when he is raising money for them!

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