Obama’s foreign policy: Inspector Clouseau or Mr. Bean

The title of an AP story was “For Obama, foreign crises grow more challenging.” The reason foreign crises have grown more challenging is the world knows that America has a boy trying to do a man’s job.

Only Hollywood depicts such bungling, e.g. French Inspector Clouseau or British idiot Mr. Bean. America’s bungling idiot Obama commented on the crises:

“We live in a complex world and at a challenging time.”

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

As this video suggests, sometimes bungling just isn’t funny!


Since when have we NOT lived in a complex world at a challenging time? Obama acts like he is the first president to live in the very same complex world where white presidents lived, and that the white presidents didn’t have their challenges.

Let’s see, Lincoln had those silly issues of slavery and the Civil War. Democrat Woodrow Wilson had that problem reinstating blacks to second-class citizenship, and fighting WW I. Democrat FDR stacked the Supreme Court with racist, officially began socialism in America, and was dragged into WW II kicking and screaming. Harry Truman finished WW II, and resided over the beginning of the Korean War. Eisenhower took over the Korean War and should be recognized as the Father of the Modern Day Civil Right Movement. Richard Nixon had the Vietnam War and Watergate, Bush had Iraq, and Clinton bombed an African aspirin factory, and had his Lewinsky.

Reagan proved that you deal with the world through strength. Obama, the anti-Reagan takes the opposite approach. We knew from his first bow that Obama would be subservient to all foreign leaders, because Obama really doesn’t see himself as a leader. He’s a rock star.

That’s why after the Russians shot down Malaysian airliner MH17, Barack Obama was golfing. While the diplomatic compound in Benghazi Libya was being overrun, Obama was headed to a party at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s house.

Obama has no foreign policy successes, none. Arab Spring was a disaster. To say Iraq is in turmoil is putting it mildly. In Syria, Obama relied on his arch nemesis Putin’s help.

Kerry has practically lived in the Middle East and that’ a fool’s folly. Thankfully they have the right man for the job. Israel now has a ground war with the Arabs in “Palestine,” as we are told to remain hopeful that the US can get a four month extension in the negotiated timeline for Iran’s development of the bomb. Yes, Iran will get the bomb, unless Israel decides against it.


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