People who believe in minimum wage are ignorant

The truth is as simple as the nose on your face: Liberals are ignorant. And the minimum wage debate is a good example.

In Seattle, the starting pay for the biggest moron is now $30,000 ($15 an hour), and that’s UNBURDENED. This means a 16-year old screw up will cost an employer around $35,000. If you think a 16 year old in his first job is worth that, you are, I repeat…a moron. In fact, most Liberals are NEVER worth $30,000 a year salary.

Minimum wage is for slackers. Anybody who is willing to work knows that whatever their starting salary is, it’s just temporary. Make yourself invaluable, then set your own pay rate.

Liberals have NO intention of working hard, which is why they rely on unions. Somebody to fight to get them something for nothing. Two breaks, and a lunch break, and the average Liberal is ecstatic. They could never dream of building a company to the point where people run it for you, and you can take as many breaks and vacations as you want…if you work hard.

Note here how the shift has gone from “minimum wage” to “livable wage,” as if we have a responsibility to make up for people’s lack of drive or ability:


Thomas Sowell sums minimum wage:

There was a time when there was no federal minimum wage law in the United States. The last time was during the Coolidge administration, when the annual unemployment rate got as low as 1.8 percent. When Hong Kong was a British colony, it had no minimum wage law. In 1991 its unemployment rate was under 2 percent.

As for being “compassionate” toward “the poor,” this assumes that there is some enduring class of Americans who are poor in some meaningful sense, and that there is something compassionate about reducing their chances of getting a job.

Most Americans living below the government-set poverty line have a washer and/or a dryer, as well as a computer. More than 80 percent have air conditioning. More than 80 percent also have both a landline and a cell phone. Nearly all have television and a refrigerator. Most Americans living below the official poverty line also own a motor vehicle and have more living space than the average European — not Europeans in poverty, the average European.

Why then are they called “poor”? Because government bureaucrats create the official definition of poverty, and they do so in ways that provide a political rationale for the welfare state — and, not incidentally, for the bureaucrats’ own jobs.

I’m sick of minimum wage being considered compassionate, when all it does is identify the proponent as a nincompoop.


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