Some Selfies just shouldn’t happen

One would think that after Obama’s selfie embarrassments, the selfie would be on its way out. This video might remind you of this embarrassing moment for America:


I think people who take selfies just don’t have friends or the interpersonal skills to get somebody to take a decent picture of them.

But this selfie might take the cake.

Breanna Mitchell too a picture of herself at Auschwitz is. They say there is a back story about this, involving her now deceased father. Regardless, I think this is just the generation we call the Millennials having no deference for anything solemn.

On that point, I understand why Obama became so enthralled with the selfie, and why he took one at the funeral of Mandela. CHEESE.

You don’t have to be in every picture. In fact there are some pictures you should NOT be in.

Read more about Breanna Mitchell’s rationale here

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