Out With The Stars & Stripes? US Embassies In London & Tel Aviv Fly Gay Rainbow Flags

Gateway Pundit reports:

It’s an Obama world.

The US Embassy in London recently draped gay rainbow flags over its entry.

Via NY Young Republicans Club:

And, it wasn’t just London…

The US Embassy in Tel Aviv also flew the gay flag recently.

William Palumbo, however, takes issue with how the NY Young Republican Club reported on the issue:

Earlier today, I wrote an article that exposed the fact that, unreported in the American media, the U.S. Embassy in London was flying two rainbow, i.e. LGBT(etc.) pride flags.  It was posted on the blog of the New York Young Republican Club.

If you’d like to read the article, please visit http://tcsnews.com/united-states-gaymerica.

The article, which insinuated that the – most activist LGBT ever – president himself may be gay.  I didn’t see this as controversial.  Joan Rivers said it last week.  Remember?

Was the headline to controversial?  “The United States of Gaymeria?”  Funny, Time Magazine has a cover this week featuring our beloved Constitution being shredded into pieces.  Is that controversial?  The media seems to say “Meh.”   Read the full article


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