Top 10 Burger King gay comments

I posted a graphic about Burger King’s desperation to get sales, and the comments were priceless. Some are the actual comments, while others inspired thought on my behalf.

  1. Burger King’s: We put our “junk” in junk food!
  2. When ordering at Burger King, be sure to ask for the STRAIGHT Whopper.
  3. Will McDonald’s follow Burger King’s marketing and rename the Happy Meal, the Gay Meal?
  4. I wondered what they were doing in there, as I waited 20 minutes for my Whopper.
  5. I gave up on BK, gay or straight, when my personal, unscientific research showed they never once got my order right.
  6. Now we know why that King looks so creepy.
  7. What’s in the new SPECIAL SAUCE?
  8. Burger Drag Queen?
  9. What next, “Johnson fries?”
  10. Gives a whole new meaning to “The Whopper.”

Give us your funny comment, so I can read these on my radio show!



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