Racist Black Liberals and their tolerance (video)

Black Liberals tolerate just about anything.

Whether it’s Joe Biden speaking of teaching Negroes in the “black sections of my town” about AIDS and abstinence, or Hillary Clinton practically in blackface droning on about being “no ways tired,” black Liberals are prepared to take it! As long as the racist commentator is Democrat, he or she can say whatever he wants.

But what a racist black Liberal can’t stand is when an intelligent black Conservative speaks of common sense issues. Racist black Liberals want ONE WAY OF THINKING, as the woman in this video explains to Deneen Borelli and C. L. Bryant at the NAACP convention:


For ignorant black Liberal racists, there are “real” black people, and then there are “house Negroes.” This from a group that still uses the antiquated term “colored” in its name.

Further irony is the NAACP is more ignorant today, than when black people were prevented by Democrats from getting educations. And the organization is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

Good to see that nothing has changed, as Democrats continue to keep Liberal black people as stupid as ever. The NAACP is a caricature of its proud past, allowing rich bourgeois racist Liberals to make a mockery of them, while shutting out the very people it should be extolling.

Way to go, Deneen Borelli and CL Bryant for standing up for CONSERVATISM.

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