Ignorant black Liberals and cop killers

I despise ignorance, and I’m sick of ignorant black Liberals. Some people are too stupid to be part of America. I know that may offend some people, but I don’t care.

News 12 reporter Sean Bergin made a statement about “young black men” while reporting on a story about the shooting death of a Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago, and he was suspended.

Watch the video for yourself:

Black neighborhoods are the worst in the country, and that’s the way Liberals designed it. The ignorance that comes from the residents is astounding. These people have been manufactured to be stupid, then entrapped in urban indoctrination centers.

There is no self-respecting black person who could watch this video and not be angered over the abject ignorance on display. Bourgeois black Liberals don’t want to live next to idiots like this wife of a cop-killer, but they won’t say anything against this nonsense.

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