3 Houses for Chicago Teachers’ Union Prez

I love watching Liberals eat their own, and Rahm Emanuel has taken off his ballerina shoes when it comes to school black racist Karen Lewis.

She is the typical lying disingenuous Liberal who gets over, as the people she claims to represent suffer.

As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times:

She has ripped Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a tool of corporate Chicago, labeled him “Mayor 1%” and described herself as “not egotistical or rich.”

Lewis isn’t as wealthy as Emanuel, a multimillionaire who made his fortune during a short stint as an investment banker. But she makes more than $200,000 a year and has an ownership interest in three homes, records show.

That includes vacation homes in Hawaii and in the upscale “Harbor Country” area of southwestern Michigan, where Emanuel has a second home, property records show.

Rahm Emanuel sucks as mayor, as all Liberals do. However if you want Chicago to look like Hiroshima after the first bomb, then elect a black Liberals like Karen Lewis.




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