5 People who Dems say can replace Hillary in 2016 race

I don’t know what excuse Hillary Clinton will use to bug out of the presidential consideration, but she will eventually do it. It’s because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Hillary Clinton can’t campaign. Add to this the fact that she has done nothing with her miserable life, and you have a recipe for permanent retirement.

Thank God!

I’m sick of the Clintons, and Leftist in general. So is most of America. Don’t believe me.

This video from The Hill discusses FIVE potential Democrat candidates:


By people other than me, Clinton’s trial-balloon campaign has been said to have gone from an inevitable juggernaut to decidedly shaky ground.

Clinton’s book tour was a disaster of her own creation, as we all know that we are deader than dead broke.

Then Clinton broke the cardinal rule of Liberal politics, and that is to not criticize even the most incompetent of presidents, particularly if he’s a Negro. Her penance is to “hug it out” with Obama.

Recall that a few weeks ago we were being SOLD on the idea that Hillary Clinton could defeat ANY Republican challenger. In fact, why should we even bother showing up, and just appoint Hillary as the next president.

If you think Obama is bad “off teleprompter,” then you don’t know Hill! She is a disaster.

She commented on why the terrorists hide their weapons in schools, churches, and hospitals, as if that is a reason to lob missiles into Israel.

Hillary can’t speak off the cuff without sounding like an inexperience harlot. If the shoe fits!

The Democrats have nothing. And nothing will develop between now and 2016, though they are trotting out a few sorostitutes for public display.

The only play is cheating, which they did well in 2016. But this time they might not have the minion support.

Expect Clinton to hang around for her fundraising ability, led mostly by the likability of her scoundrel of a husband. But that’s about it.



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