The black people who don’t matter to Liberals

Black Liberals are angered at something new, and that is the constant cry of “black on black crime” by us uppity Uncle Toms. How dare we expose the dark underbelly (pun intended) of the subculture of Liberal blackness.

The black folks with “all for one and one for all even if we are killing each other” attitudes want us to not mention when black people kill other black people. In fact they don’t want us to acknowledge black crime at all.

Ignore the people who don’t matter, the victims of black on black crime. LikeĀ 9-year old Antonio Smith, who was fatally shot in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood of Chicago the other night.


The victim remains at large, and we all know who the shooter was…George Bush.

“He was just a child, just a baby, still had a whole life ahead of him. And like, why? Just a child,” said Kenya Eggleston, victim’s cousin.

As reported by ABC 7 in Chicago:

Smith was shot multiple times in the chest around 4 p.m. Wednesday in the 1200-block of East 71st Street.

“At first I didn’t know if they were really shots or not. I just heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pow. So I just kept doing what I was doing,” said Dave West, neighbor.

“It hurts my heart, really, to see the young kids just, just killing each other. And school is getting ready to start,” said Robert Blake, neighbor.

Sources say Antonio, a soon-to-be third grader, was found in the backyard of this apartment building, where he wasn’t a resident. It’s unclear why he was there.

“We don’t know what happened. We don’t know if he was running from someone. This is a dead end alley. So he had to be running from somebody trying to go up on the tracks and cross over,” said Ashiea Smith, whose relatives live in the building, but is unrelated to the victim.

Who shoots a 9 year-old child multiple times in the chest? I guess there was a rogue white cop hunting in that area of Chicago, though no race-baiting black fraudster has yet to step forward with this theory.

Here’s another question. What was a 9-year old child doing outside at night unsupervised? You won’t see that in a parenting magazine.


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