From bombings to golf

Never has a president shown so much range, going from ordering a few strikes of ISIS to golfing.

Four hours after ordering another military strike on ISIS targets, Obama was golfing with friends on Martha’s Vineyard.

We’ve talked often about the quantity of Obama’s vacations, but the timing can be amazing.


Keep in mind that there hasn’t been a moment where Obama has not been embroiled in controversy–self-inflicted. But this latest vacation really drives home the Obama’s modis operandi, as in no issue is too big to interrupt his down time.

I love the way they try to provide cover for him, as the administration said he would have his aides, including national security adviser Susan Rice.

Susan Rice?! She’s proven to be one of the most incompetent of all Obama’s cabinet members.

I find it appalling that Obama is so obtuse with how this looks, and frankly the most disturbing part is this is truly Obama’s pathology.

With all that is happening in the world at Gaza, Ukraine, and Iran on the foreign front, and the border crisis and Greater Depression we are suffering in America, you would think that Obama would not flaunt his new-found wealth.




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