What we can learn from a DC crackhead

When I learned that Marion Barry had written his memoir, I chuckled. Where do crackheads find the time?

We all have a story, and Marion’s would be very interesting to say the least. I’m guessing the title of Barry’s book is, “Hard Choices…for a Pimp”?

This short video showcases the five most poignant points about the Marion Barry memoir:


Barry’s memoir is story of redemption, redemption, redemption, right? How do you get elected mayor time and again, as a bona fide crack head?

The biggest lesson we can learn from Marion Barry is how to spot a crackhead, as his  success in getting fools to vote for him is nothing in comparison of Barack Obama.

Keep in mind Obama wrote two memoirs before he was 40. Both are complete works of fiction, except for the parts about Obama being a communist and a crack head.

I recently wrote that if you want a recipe for failure, put a black Liberal in charge. DC did it, and so did America. You know the outcome.


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