Dems use KKK to help with immigration

You know the Democrats are desperate when they have to trot on the KKK to try to make their point. That said, the ruse is ingenious.

The Dems strategy with illegals hasn’t worked, which is why Obama may violate the Constitution to provide amnesty for millions of Mexicans.

Here’s how Time described the Klan:


However, before they put Obama in harm’s way, they will try their final ploy. So, the Klan will rally against illegal immigration near the village of Welcome, N.C.

Since Conservatives are rightly against the illegal invasion, the Democrats plan to associate Conservatives with the Klan is disingenuous, but excellent marketing gambit.

I would be willing to bet you that the Klan has been PAID to do this, much like the Democrats trot out their Negroes and union stooges out to picket, when called.

Latino groups, joined by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) advocates, have vowed a counter-protest, because that will give this ruse credibility. As one activist commented, “We are organizing … to meet hatred with love.”

Yes, because America is so unaccepting of immigrants and gays?

The hatred is on the Left, and it is a hatred of America. I suggest Americans wanting amnesty be forced to live in Mexico for five years. Their silly asses will come back to America with a renewed spirit!

Hard to believe the irony of the the Klan is actually trying to help black people, protesting immigration, while the NAACP is hurting black people in their stance.

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