Dorian Johnson filed a false police report

When you are trying to establish a narrative, it’s important that some information on the people involved not leak out.

Like the fact that Michael Brown was not the solid citizen that the media portrayed. But another slight “oversight” is with Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson.


Dorian Johnson was not involved in the strong-arm robbery that Michael Brown committed. But there is a reason to question his account of the shooting.

As reported at the Inquisitr,

Michael Brown shooting witness Dorian Johnson was charged with filing a false police report. Johnson is the young man reportedly shown with Mike Brown at the QuikTrip allegedly stealing Swisher Sweets cigarellos. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, Brown’s friend talked to the media about what he claims unfolded when the pair were stopped walking in the street.

Dorian Johnson’s false police report charge stem from a 2011 incident and not the Mike Brown shooting. The background check run on Johnson by ABC 17 News first uncovered his police record and initiated the casting of doubt upon his Ferguson shooting statements. At the time Darren Wilson shot the unarmed black teenager, a warrant for theft was still active against Johnson. The arrest warrant, from the same year as the false police report filing charge, was issued in Jefferson City.

Now I am not condemning Dorian Johnson, as he might have reported exactly what he believes he saw. However I do believe his previous history of lying to the police is worth mentioning.


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