Ferguson Riots – The Victims You Are Not Hearing About

As the violence and tension in Ferguson Missouri moves into its second week, we have heard many stories about Michael Brown’s guilt or innocence.

Brown, an 18 year old black teenager was shot by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who is white. Wilson is the second victim of this horrific situation, yet not many people are discussing him.

No cop wants to shoot a citizen, unless he is a psychopath. And as information leaks out about the whole story, it seems that Wilson was attacked, and responded in what had to be an extremely difficult action.


Forget his smashed orbital bone, something he received in an apparent beating he took from the “gentle giant.” But what about the mental anguish?

For the Left, there is only one victim. Al Sharpton doesn’t even consider the store owner a victim, as he minimized Brown’s theft as “shoplifting.” And there are many other apologists who would like to keep Michael Brown as the sole victim. However there are many other victims.

The business owners have suffered. They put their livelihoods at stake, investing in the black community. Their reward was to have their businesses looted, in many cases as cops who were mandated to “stand down,” I guess so reparations could be paid.

As many as two dozen businesses were looted, some of them more than once; stripped of any merchandise on their shelves and destroyed.

Did the manager of the Quick Trip convenience store pull the trigger? He was not there the day that Michael Brown lost his life, yet he is made to pay the price.

Several business owners have gone as far as to stand in front of their stores with their own personal legally-owned weapons. Whether or not those businesses will rebuild in Ferguson is uncertain. Yet there will soon be calls for more jobs for black people, and more businesses in black neighborhoods, by the race pimps.

They will  demand jobs for an economically depressed area, while making sure that the places that might have offered jobs take the hit for “justice.” Force businesses to move into the war zones, because that strategy always works.

And what about the neighborhood residents, who are victims as well. For the past dozen or so days and nights, they have been forced to endure countless champions of truth and civil rights cut across their front and back yards, leaving trash and debris behind in their neighborhoods. In a time of unseasonably good weather, the Ferguson residents can’t enjoy it, since tear gas tends to impact fresh air, as do the constant wail of sirens and the rumble of bullhorns telling crowds to move.

This is a time that any child over the age of five in Ferguson will remember for the rest of his life. One of the reasons they will remember this is because they were unable to start school on time this year. The Ferguson-Florissant School District (of which the city of Ferguson is a part) has delayed the start of the school year until August 25. School was supposed to start approximately two weeks ago. Some of the most militant may argue that Ferguson’s children are getting an education that they would not be taught in school. Would that militant education include how to make flaming bottles of gasoline and resisting the police? The education of some 12,000 students is now in the hands of people who feel they “deserve” the chance to loot, riot, pillage and destroy the property and livelihoods of hard working citizens because, well, they demand justice.

Finally, a woman who identified herself as a police wife recently posted on social media that her husband has been working at least 12 hour shifts daily with no day off in sight. According to her post, her children wake up from nightmares in fear that their father will not return home in the morning. When he does make it home, the smell of tear gas is heavy on his clothes. When he tries to sleep, it is a fitful one, tossing and turning with the raw stress he is living with daily.

But don’t expect any sympathy from those who wish to make this a cops versus blacks meme. For them, there is only one victim. The gentle giant known as Michael Brown.

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