Fraudster Al Gore suing his Arab partners

One of the world’s biggest frauds, Al Gore is accusing Al Jazeera of fraud, saying they welched on their payment to him.

A few years back, Al Gore managed to find a buyer for his boat-anchor of a news network, and just in time to miss out on Obama’s new increase in taxes.

Somehow he convinced the Arabs that he could get them a deal to try to sell propaganda to Americans. He was successful.

But as we all know, Current TV was snake oil. So the Arabs found out, when people wouldn’t take their advertising, and even the most devout feminists felt that stoning was getting just a bit too close to home.


As reported by Jim Kouri of The Examiner:

Former Clinton administration Vice President Al Gore, now considered the guru of thousands of global warming and climate change activists, is suing the Middle Eastern-based Al Jazeera America for fraud regarding payment for his sale of the leftist cable television network, Current TV, that he helped to create along with like-minded investors, according reports and statements released on Friday.

When Gore launched his TV network, the original idea was to offer Americans a progressive channel to counter conservative-leaning broadcasters such as Fox News Channel, which continues to dominate the ratings for cable news beating out CNN, CNBC, and the leftist MSNBC. However, the ratings for its shows were abysmal and despite his name being touted as the Roger Ailes — Fox News’ successful leader — his network appeared doomed for failure.

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